Friday, August 8, 2008

REVIEWS: 808 Changle Lu

place: 808 Changle Road (next to inail)
atmosphere: A little hideout, jewel
service: I must remember her name. She is excellent.
Summing up in a word: Tryst
It is a new restaurant food tasting by Eduardo, he hadn't got a name for it though. Surprising, I seldom compliment on food and I thought that the chef had done great with the first food tasting session. The chicken sandwich is actually very good. Grilled chicken breast is tender, very few chefs here is shanghai actually achieve this task. The bread is crusty and moist. For the rest of the menu, only minor details need to be look at. It was a great experience for me. It was be on my list of places to hangout. Eduardo sangria are always excellent. We've done a blind tasting on the previous week and I must compliment on his attention for details. Hopefully, this new place doesn't get too crowded. It deserves its exclusivity.

Food tasting on 18 August, 2008