Sunday, August 10, 2008


place: Anar Bar, 129 Xingfu Lu
service: You got to meet Ivan. Bar managers should model after him.
Summing up in words: Lost & Found

Last night. bar hopped on Will's bike with grasovdka vodka all night. The first was outrageous. Nearly fall asleep. Don't bother mentioning where it is. Second, is at Shanghai Studio. I actually was impressed with Fabien Seguin's gallery more than anything. One place worth noting is our last stop at Anar Bar. What suppose to be a half and hour "hello" to Jinhua & Ivan extended to 3 hours of good music.

Minimal. describes the place and music. The last time I ever enjoyed was my trip back to Singapore clubbing at Zouk with Nick. The music was so good that you can go without cigarettes the whole night. I feel the same at Anar. Just 2 of us. Individuality is the style of Anar, people and its music. The best local Djs, the team from DKD spins there. It a place that didn't need a crowd or pretentious people. Casual, T-shirts and bums. The owners club with you. You will talk to Djs about their music. Ivan the manager gladly tells you about their style. He does it with no snobs. I'll be the next Saturday 16 March. I don't think it ever need a cafe or restaurant like Stella planned, maybe a wine bar will work. just good drinks and music. This place should be RSVP.

Details see here.