Friday, August 8, 2008

Chinese Vanlentines Day

Yesterday is the chinese valentines day. I didn't know it at all. No wonder when I was shopping at Raffles City, I saw this guy buying a bouquet of fererro rocher flowers with bright cyan blue wrappings, a dozen to be exact for 480rmb. I actually gave him a look thinking that I am so lucky that Will will never buy me ugly things like that.
Anyway, Will reminded me in yesterday morning apologizing about not getting me anything special. How will I be upset when I didn't even know? We ended up having dinner at home, popping over to the market and me cooking a big pot of curry chicken and spending time lazing at the sofa over TV. Just the 3 of us, Harley, Will and me. It had been a long time we spent time doing nothing. Will, of course couldn't last long sitting around. He had his PSP on his hand most of the time. Ironically, 2 of my best friends here in Shanghai was crying... well, over relationship.

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